Vigorun lawn mower to tackle the steep slopes of a picturesque castle park in Czech

Why Do We Get So Many Customer Feedback Videos?

We’ve nailed it down to two main reasons:

Our Thoughtful Service
Our commitment to service doesn’t end when the order is placed. We keep our customers in the loop every step of the way.
Once payment is confirmed, we promptly update the order’s production status.
Before shipping, we confirm the delivery details with the customer, sharing machine test videos, product packaging videos, and more.
During transportation, we keep our customers informed about the logistics.
Upon arrival, we remind them of essential pre-operation precautions and provide operation manuals and video links.
Our customers naturally enjoy sharing their experience with us, often sending videos of their machines in action, like lawn-mowing videos!

Performance That Exceeds Expectations
From the feedback we receive, it’s clear our machines perform far beyond our customers’ expectations, delivering delightful surprises. Our machines offer exceptional value for money, providing impressive lawn-mowing results at a very affordable price. With such a great shopping experience, how can they resist sharing their joy with us?

Today, we received a feedback video from Jakub in the Czech Republic. He used our Vigorun lawn mower to tackle the steep slopes of a picturesque castle park. Remote-controlled, it allows the operator to stay safely away from hazardous areas. Thanks to our Vigorun lawn mower, the castle park looks even more beautiful.

If you also want to enjoy a high-performance remote-controlled lawn mower and our thoughtful service, get in touch with us!

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