Transforming Landscaping Businesses with the VTLM800 Remote Mower: A Customer Success Story

In recent communications with our Australian client Ron, we were thrilled to hear his feedback on our VTLM800 mower:

Ron’s Experience with the VTLM800 Ron shared his experience, emphasizing the VTLM800’s exceptional capabilities. He described Lamandra, a tough plant he regularly cuts down, noting how challenging it was before using our mower. With the VTLM800, he managed to recoup its cost in just 8 weeks by offering efficient mowing services.

Performance Beyond Expectations The VTLM800 has exceeded expectations on its 4th contracting job. Ron highlighted its ability to handle steep slopes and wet terrain flawlessly. This robust performance has enabled him to achieve profitability within a remarkably short time frame.

Key Features Ron attributed the mower’s success to several key features:

  • A gasoline engine with forced lubrication ensures reliability.
  • Servo motors provide powerful performance.
  • Worm gear transmission delivers high torque for climbing capabilities.
  • Precision servo motor controllers offer agile maneuverability.

Expanding Business Horizons We are delighted that Ron has decided to purchase a second VTLM800 to expand his operations and increase profitability. His success story exemplifies how our equipment empowers landscapers to scale their businesses effectively.

Join Us in Growing Together For landscapers looking to enhance their mowing efficiency and profitability, consider investing in our VTLM800 mower. With its proven track record in tackling challenging terrains, it’s more than a tool—it’s a partner in rapid business growth.

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