As a buyer of remote mowers, your focus should not only be on price

Today, another remote lawn mower buyer, Dennis, sought help in our Facebook group, saying: “Where can I get help troubleshooting an RC lawn mower when the manufacturer lets me down? This is so disappointing!”

Our longtime customer and friend, Jarin, replied to him: “If you buy a mower from the Vigorun company, you won’t have to deal with any problems with subsequent help or service. I recommend it.”

Dennis also regretted not making a better choice at the time of purchase, wishing he had bought a Vigorun brand remote lawn mower from us, Vigorun Tech, to avoid his current frustration.

In fact, we often encounter similar seekers for help. Their machines encounter problems during use, they cannot find the original seller, and the issues remain unresolved. They end up spending a lot of time figuring out how to repair them themselves or trying to search online for a real manufacturer like us to seek help.

They usually choose very cheap products from B2B websites. The sellers are usually traders who are better at marketing than us, have better terms, and are more convincing to customers. However, the products they sell are low-priced but high-profit products, and once sold, the order ends.

Not knowing the product, when problems arise during lawn mower use, they cannot provide technical solutions. Even if a few are responsible, they need to act as translators between the customer and the factory technicians, wasting a lot of time.

Vigorn Tech, as a real remote lawn mower manufacturer, focuses solely on the research, development, production, and sales of unmanned vehicles.

A remote lawn mower is a tool that needs to be used frequently, and minor issues are inevitable during use. With our in-depth understanding of our own products, we can provide the most professional guidance on lawn mower operation, find faults, and offer the best solutions when your lawn mower is damaged.

We keep enough parts in stock for production, so if you need spare parts, we can quickly deliver them from our warehouse. Trading companies do not have any parts in stock, so if you need them, you will have to wait a long time to receive them.

If you plan to stay in the remote mower industry for a long time, we can customize the style and color for you and allow you to use your logo. Enjoy preferential dealer prices, professional product knowledge, and a stable supply that will benefit your company’s long-term development.

When purchasing a remote control lawn mower, please do some market research to reduce future regrets. We can proudly say that purchasing our remote lawn mower will be your wise choice.

Contact us now to buy the best product and enjoy the best after-sales service!

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