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Motor Controller

Motor Controller:
1) Similar products in the market:
Original and cumbersome, the most basic fuse is used to ensure that the current is not overloaded, and the assembly circuit is cumbersome.

2) Vigorun products:
a) Special design, fast response, built-in chip, intelligent detection of current, heat generation, can ensure stable use all year round.
b) Using more advanced components, the maximum allowable current is 60/100A, which can ensure that the mower can climb on a steep slope.
c) Large fan and thick aluminum plate are conducive to rapid heat dissipation, which can ensure the mower to work continuously for a long time.
d) The installation is simple and clear, and it is convenient for installation, maintenance and maintenance.

The cost of Vigorun brand is 5 times that of ordinary products in the market.

Brushed motor controller for brushed motors

Brushless motor controller for brushless motors

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