How to operate remote control Crawler lawn mower

Our remote control and lawn mower are easy to operate. The buttons on the remote control and the control panel are simple, clear and easy to understand. First, press the power button to start the mower. The display on the control panel lights up. Then press the black button to start the remote control. The left joystick on the remote control can control forward and backward, and the right joystick controls the direction. The button in the upper left corner controls the speed of the lawn mower, and the button in the upper right corner is cruise control. Using channel 5 to adjust the blade height. There are three ways to start the gasoline engine: 1. Using channel 6 to start the gasoline engine; 2. Press the start button on control panel to start the engine; 3. Pull start. The remote control distance is 200 meters, which makes mowing operation more safer and efficient. If you have any questions, contact us by WhatsApp at any time.

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