Slope Mowing Made Easy with the VTLM800 Remote Control Mower in Australia

Customer Feedback

On June 28th, we received a message from our Australian customer, Simon:

Hi Lien, the mower arrived today, and I managed to get some time away from work to get it working. It’s so good… I was using it on some very steep areas with some quite thick, slightly damp grass, and it did everything I asked of it… very impressed. I will take some videos and send them to you in the coming days, but I am very happy so far!

Today, we received the feedback videos from our customer.

Experience and Expertise

From the videos, it is clear that our customer is highly experienced in mowing. He expertly mowed from the top of the slope downwards, then climbed back up the mowed area to the top, and moved to the next unmowed section to continue mowing from top to bottom.

Introducing the VTLM800 Remote Control Mower

Our customer was using the VTLM800 remote control mower, a product proudly developed by Vigorun Tech specifically for steep slopes. Here are some standout features of the VTLM800:

The VTLM800 is currently the best high-value configuration solution on the market.

  • Powerful Servo Motor and Controller: The VTLM800 is equipped with a powerful servo motor and a high-precision servo motor controller.
  • Electronic Parking Brake: Ensures no slipping on steep slopes, offering safety and reliability.
  • Worm Gear Reducer: Similar to those used in advanced tracked tanks, it provides high torque output for robust climbing power.

Why Choose the VTLM800?

If you have slope mowing needs, the VTLM800 remote control mower from Vigorun Tech is your best choice. Its superior design and powerful features make it ideal for tackling challenging terrains.

We invite you to contact us to discuss purchasing details.

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