Maintaining an Overgrown Orchard: VTLM800 Brush Mower in Action

Today, we received a feedback video from one of our customers in the Middle East. In the video, the customer uses our Vigorun VTLM800 brush mower to maintain an abandoned orchard.

From the video, it is evident that the orchard was heavily overgrown, with grass reaching impressive heights. The customer noted, “These grass is a 3 meter height.” Despite the tall grass, our mower’s low height allowed it to navigate easily beneath the tree canopies. The VTLM800’s maneuverability was also highlighted, showcasing its ability to effortlessly circle around tree trunks and clear the surrounding weeds.

Towards the end of the video, it becomes apparent that the orchard has been neglected for quite some time, as numerous saplings have sprouted. These small, unwanted shrubs were no match for our brush mower. The VTLM800 proved itself capable of handling not only high grass but also small shrubs effectively.

The VTLM800 remote-controlled brush mower is the ideal tool for orchard maintenance. Contact us for more information.

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