Exceptional Service: A Customer’s Testimonial

Recently, we received high praise from one of our German customers who exclaimed, “I have never experienced Service like this before.” It all began with the customer finding us through a search, sending an inquiry, and eventually finalizing the deal with payment arrangement.

Upon receiving the payment, we promptly informed the customer: “Hello, I’m glad to tell you that your payment has been received. I have notified the factory to start production. Any updates, I will let you know.” Being the original factory for all our lawnmower products, we maintain stock availability for quick shipments. Once the goods were ready, we promptly notified the customer and provided them with photos, testing videos, as well as packaging and shipping videos, saying: “Hello, your machine has been produced and shipped to the freight forwarder’s warehouse.”

The customer’s feedback was heartwarming: “Hello Lien, Thanks for the picture and film documentation. This Information Service really impressed me. I have never experienced Service like this before. Thanks!” At our company, every customer is treated with sincerity, and we strive to meet their needs promptly, from quick responses to fast deliveries and efficient after-sales services. For us, providing such service is our commitment to each and every customer.

The customer also expressed keen interest in shipping schedules, to which we assured them of our rich export experience and reliable freight forwarder partnerships that offer competitive pricing and real-time shipping updates. The customer’s words resonated with gratitude, saying, “Thanks! You are amazing.”

If you too desire high-quality products and exceptional service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Vigorun Tech, we are dedicated to delivering excellence every step of the way.

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