Earlier Products--JT Sprayer5

Earlier Products--JT Sprayer5

Earlier Products--JT Sprayer5

Earlier Products--JT Sprayer5

Great Portability
Pesticide load 5KG
weight 7.5KG
Max take-off weight 15KG
Spraying flight time 10-25min
Flying radium 1000M
Flying height 0~200M
Flying speed 0~12M/S
Temperature range –10~70
operating humidity 0-90%
Spraying speed 0~8M/S
Spraying width >2M / 4 nozzles
Spray flow 0.2~2L/min
Flying down the airflow 4~15m/s
Wind speed 10m/s 15 size W1.2mxL1.2mxH0.3m
folding size W0.5mxL0.4mxH0.5m
Brushless motor NB5208-300KV
Propeller 2255
Quick release propeller 1212
Flight control system V8.5

Remote controller 9 channel
Battery 6S 12000mAh
1pc Charger PH6 Adapter PW400W
Transport case aluminum case
Tool kit maintenance/repair

Optional Accessories:
Fixed camera + Image transmission 600mw
Screen 7"
Ground station App+Radio Telemetry (+ Pad)
Battery 6S 16000mAH 10C
Propellers 22`

The latest model now:
Earlier Products--JT Sprayer5

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