remote control lawn mower


1) Security.
The remote control lawn mowers avoid putting staff in unsafe situations to mow.
2) High efficiency.
Travel Speed of up to 6 km/h. Remote controlled lawn mower is 16 times more efficient than hand cutting.
3) Easy to use.
Easy pull start, and adjust the cutting height quickly and easily by remote controler.
4) Easy to maintain.
The robotic lawn mower has a long productive lifespan, low maintenance cost, and its parts are easy to replace, as and when required.
5) Easy to transport and store.
Weighing in at only 130kg. With backup battery, can move the mower without starting the gasoline engine.
6) Wide range of applications.
It is widely used in villa lawns, football fields, mountain slopes, communities, greenhouses orchards and gardens.


Model JRC90-GC
Speed 0-6km/h
Working Degree 0-30 degree
Engine Power / Emission 9Hp / 224cc
Engine Type Single cylinder, four stroke
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Tank 1.5L
Working Time 60min
Battery 12V 24.4AH
Remote 12V 600W
Range 200m
Cutting Width 550mm
Adjustable Cutting Height 10-150mm
Min Ground Clearance 20mm
Machine Size 930 x 860 x 580mm
Package Size 1060 x 960 x 810mm
Machine Weight 145kg

Detail Pictures:

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